Latest Information Price Huawei Honor Magic

Latest Information Price Huawei Honor MagicOnly one application among many that I found useful is the TouchPal keyboard X. In the settings menu, you have quick action icons to release unused memory. Hp Huawei Honor Magic also supports gestures such as flipping the phone to silence the alarm, double click to get up the phone and make moves on the screen in sleep mode to go directly to a specific application. You will also find MediaTek feature called HotKnot which basically lets you transfer content by simply connecting your phone display.

It works like NFC, but using lower transmission power and the phone does not need to have an NFC chip for data transfer. It makes use of gravity sensor, proximity sensor and touch capacitive touch sensor to create such a capacitive coupling to transfer data. Of course, data transfer speed is much lower than the NFC or Bluetooth. Marathon M3 quad-core processor can handle most tasks well. But Amigo UI, because we have experience in the past, doing things slow down when you are swiping the home screen or app drawer.


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